Interrogate Your Assets

Step 5: Interrogate Your Assets

Sometimes you need answers beyond what traditional logs can provide. InsightOps not only gives you the ability to collect data from assets, but also lets you ask pre-configured questions for better troubleshooting.

With the Endpoint Interrogator, you can ask questions such as:

  • Which users are running unapproved software?
  • What is the public and private IP address of a specific asset?
  • Which assets are currently running a specific process?
  • Which users don’t have required software installed?

Interrogate Your Assets

  1. Click the Endpoint Interrogator icon on the left-side navigation bar.
  2. Click the Ask Questions tab to see a list of pre-configured questions.
  3. To ask a question, such as “What is the CPU usage,” click select asset context.
  4. Select ALL ASSETS from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Ask now button. Note: Your results will open in a new tab on the Endpoint Interrogator page.

Learn more about the Endpoint Interrogator

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Interrogate Your Assets

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